Dr. Jason Park

From the day Dr. Park was born he was constantly dealing with childhood conditions including colic, constipation, difficulty sleeping, chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies, and difficulty with learning. Every time one condition seemed to get better, another one started. Dr. Park’s family followed the traditional medical approach of surgeries, antibiotics after antibiotics, and inhalers but nothing seemed to correct these conditions but rather just minimize the symptoms.

As a child, Dr. Park struggled in school. He experienced ADHD symptoms from inability to sit still, speech and comprehension difficulties, and the inability to control his emotions. He was constantly being pulled out of class for therapies, sent to the principal’s office for poor behavior, and missed out on many class activities. No treatment, therapy or medication seemed to make a noticeable difference.

Dr. Parks first experience with a chiropractor was not until age 19 and it wasn’t because of any of the conditions listed above but rather a shoulder injury. His chiropractor discovered that Dr. Park had a full reversal of the cervical curve that had originated close to 15 to19 years prior, mostly likely due to a traumatic birth process and a car accident at 4 years of age. “She explained to me that chiropractic isn’t about pain but about how the whole-body functions. She also said the nerves in your neck directly control your body’s ability to heal, have a healthy immune system, grow, development, and connect with the environment. These same nerves control the drainage to your sinuses and inner ears as well which could of lead to the chronic ear infections, asthma, and allergies you experienced growing up.”

It was in that moment when Dr Park realized he wanted to be a chiropractor and help other families and kids avoid going through a similar childhood.

Since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, Dr. Park has specialized for nearly a decade in Diversified, Tonal, and Craniosacral techniques. Our office trains with the biggest pediatric and pregnancy office from all over the world to continue to improve our patient experience and treatment procedures.

We have years of experience working with kids who have been diagnosis with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, ADD, and Autism. Even though we are not treating these labels, many parents see amazing results with how their kid’s symptoms tend to dramatically improve with adding chiropractic care into their child’s health care team. Chiropractic care does not replace all the other medical resources parents have access to but rather chiropractic helps their child adapt and respond to these resources.

Off-Duty Interests

Dr. Park and his family decided to relocate to Timnath, CO to provide our family with a better quality of life. We love to spend time outdoors biking, hiking, fishing, and having BBQs with friends. Our kids play soccer and baseball for local youth sports organizations and we spend many weekends watching them play. You will see Dr Park, his wife Nicole, daughters Kelsie & Kenzie, son Dylan, and their family dog Oakley in the office on a regular basis.

Dr. Park supports Wounded Warrior Project and Paws & Effect Rescue, as well as local chambers of commerce.

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