Here at Family Advantage Chiropractic, we specialize in both prenatal and postnatal care. We are proud to serve patients in Timnath, CO and the surrounding communities.

You can start care at any time throughout your pregnancy, however we do encourage you to come in as soon as you know you are pregnant. But even if you don’t begin chiropractic care until later in your pregnancy, you still can experience benefits.

At Family Advantage Chiropractic – Timnath we understand optimal health during pregnancy is extremely important because chiropractic care not only improves function of the moms nervous but the babies as well. Having an optimal functioning nervous system creates an ideal environment for development of the baby and allows moms body to adapt through her pregnancy. Yes, moms tend to feel better under chiropractic care, but the benefits go above and beyond just feeling better. Creating proper alignment of mom’s body & spine creates an ideal space for baby grow inside the womb and achieve proper position at the time of birth. When moms body is aligned and functioning ideally, it creates the perfect environment for delivery and reducing the need for interventions.

At FAC we are here to support, empower, provide the tools, and put a plan in place that will increase the chances of our moms achieving their ideal birth. From OBs, Midwives, Lactational Consultants, and Doulas we work with pre and post birth professionals to be able to provide you the resources you need to support every aspect of your pregnancy and beyond.


Is chiropractic care for pregnancy safe?

Yes, it is safe! We use safe, specific, & gentle techniques to ensure your comfort during every adjustment. Our comfortable memory-foam pregnancy pillows allow you to lay comfortably on your belly for an adjustment while protecting your baby.

How does chiropractic help moms feel more comfortable throughout pregnancy?

By adjusting your spine, your chiropractor can help relieve nerve pressure and muscle strain. As a result, you can have less muscle pain and referred pain to the extremities. Prenantal chiropractic care also helps to alleviate back pain, neck pain and extremity pain without painkillers (which could be dangerous to your growing baby).

What are some other benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Many of our moms have reported less aches and pains, less swelling, decreased morning sickness, less headaches, less hormonal swings, easier quicker labors.

Our entire staff will always go above and beyond each and every time that we see you. We create a safe, stress-free environment so you and your baby can enjoy coming in. We are always available to answer any of your questions.

If you have any questions regarding prenatal and postnatal care, contact us today at (970) 818-9455 .