“I thank God for Dr. Park! My baby started to show remarkable signs of improvement the same day after the first visit”

Dr. Park changed our lives! I highly recommend him. After an ER visit, and desperately trying anything and everything that there is to try to treat colic, Dr. Park was identified and recommended to me by an out-of-state friend of mine, who also happens to be a chiropractor. My then four month old had been struggling with severe colic and related symptoms since birth. His flexibility was limited in relation to the symptoms, although I had not realized it at the time. As a first time mom, I felt so hopeless. I thank God for Dr. Park! My baby started to show remarkable signs of improvement the same day after the first visit. Dr. Park’s professionalism and service, as reflected in his bedside manners, including explaining the status and treatment thoroughly (and normalizing the mom’s experience!), are among the best I have ever encountered. The stomach issues ceased, as well as the hours-long episodes of my baby crying from pain. I did not mind at all making the two hour round-trip to see Dr. Park. My “baby” is now a happy, curious, thriving, healthy 2.5 year old. Since then, I have recommended Dr. Park to several friends, and all of them have reported a positive outcome.

Also, #GrandmaApproved 😉

Wendy M



“Continuing care with Dr. Park has truly been one of THE smartest decisions and investments I could have ever made for myself and family. ”

I started seeing Dr. Park about 6 years ago. An injury from a car accident about 10 years previous, paired with a new job that kept me on my feet for eight hours, left me with excruciating lower back and hip pain. I had been to other chiropractors in the past without much luck and doctors could only prescribe pain medication- never really addressing the issues head on. After an initial consultation, and nothing left to lose, I gave Dr. Park a try… and I am SO GLAD I did! Almost immediately I could tell the difference between Dr. Park and the other chiropractors I had seen before. His knowledge and professionalism far exceeded my expectations and his kind and caring personality made every visit a pleasure. Furthermore, much to my surprise, it wasn’t long before my lower back and hip were completely free from pain! I continued to see Dr. Park for maintenance visits and was once again impressed by my results when I came to him with an injured shoulder I got from training for a swimming competition.

Initially my shoulder was under the care of my primary care physician but I quickly became frustrated with the increasing doses of pain medication I was being prescribed without much pain relief. Luckily for me I knew exactly who to turn to! Dr. Park began treating my shoulder and introduced me to the concept of “taping”. Dr. Park was able to provide the relief prescription medication couldn’t, and it wasn’t long before the pain from this injury was also a thing of the past!

My most current success stories can be attributed to the care Dr. Park has given me during and after my recent pregnancy! While pregnant, I experienced lower back pain and extremely painful varicose veins. Dr. Park was able to provide relief on a twice weekly basis and got me through those 9 months comfortably and able to focus on my growing family! Once my son was born and began showing signs of infant torticollis I had absolutely no problem deciding who I could trust to treat him! He soon became one of Dr. Park’s patients as well and in the last 9.5 months has found relief from gas pain and constipation, and has achieved full range of motion of his head and neck – And believe me when I say a happy and tear-free baby makes for one happy Mama!

Continuing care with Dr. Park has truly been one of THE smartest decisions and investments I could have ever made for myself and family. I honestly don’t believe I would be this pain free without him and knowing my son is in good hands is priceless!

Other pros:
– Clean, bright, and open treatment rooms
– A more “private” family room
– Changing table in the bathroom
– Activity area for children in the lobby
– Quick and easy appointment check in
– Little to no wait to be seen at your appointment time-even with a constant flow of patients!

Amanda E



“I continue to go to chiropractic because I saw the other health benefits”

I went to see Dr Park when he worked in his office in Santa Clara, CA. His practice was recommended to me by a friend after I was in a major car accident. I was experiencing pain and tingling in my arms. After 3 months I had no more symptoms but I continue to go to chiropractic because I saw the other health benefits that it added to my life. I began bringing my son to see Dr. Park to help his growing and developing body have the best chance against all the world puts it through. I also have been able to experience chiropractic care from Dr Park during my 2nd pregnancy and it made a huge difference in my comfort level and helped me stay more active. Dr Park is very professional and so friendly. He also works so great with kids, helping make the appointment fun so they don’t even realize that what’s going on is “healthy”. The people of Timnath have been strengthened by having him expand his practice to Colorado.

Marianna R.



“Migraines are under Control”

When I first came to Family Advantage, I was excited. I got a wonderful feeling that I was in the right place. After years of medications, and different treatments for massive migraines, and a shoulder injury, this is the first time I can say I feel amazing. My chronic migraines are under control and my chronic shoulder pain is almost non existent. I haven’t been so pain free in most of my life, and my mood has been lifted! Dr Park is amazing at explaining everything in a way anyone can understand. For those whose say I cannot come because I have small kids… The staff is amazing at helping even the shyest of children, and the practice is extremely child friendly!

Megan L



Dr. Park is personable and fantastic with my almost 8 week old baby girl. She had some tongue and lip tie issues and he was able to adjust her to correct her latch. He talks me through everything he does on her so that I know what he’s doing and why he does it. My daughter had four adjustments from Dr. Park so far and after each visit, she conked out in her car seat and at home.

If you have a child or know of a child dealing with latch related issues give FAC a call.

Annie L


Our family is so grateful for Dr. Park! We came to Dr. Park 3.5 months ago and him and Jennifer have become like family. I originally came in for some issues I was having with my 4-month-old daughter. We potentially needed both chiropractic care and cranial sacral therapy and we were thrilled to find someone who did both. Right away Dr. Park listened to my concerns and took my mothers intuition seriously. I can’t tell you how huge this was during an extremely stressful time in our family’s life. He was extremely helpful in explaining everything very thoroughly and in ways that made complete sense to me. I appreciate how honest he is in what kind of care is involved to completely treat the issue and to not just put a band-aid over it.

In talking with him, we realized how valuable chiropractic care was going to be to our entire family. Today, my daughter, my four-year-old son, and myself are all under Dr. Parks care. He is FANTASTIC with children and my son looks forward to seeing him which is big for him. Our entire family has seen improvements, my daughters latch improved, my son is not as sensitive to loud noises and is handing his anger a bit better than he was previously, and I can already feel some relief from my back pain in just a few sessions. If you are looking for a great chiropractor who will listen and look out for you and your family’s health, Family Advantage is the perfect place for you!



Dr. Park is truly the BEST chiropractor out there! I initially came to him because I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulders from severe scoliosis and bursitis. He worked with me for a few months to specifically target those areas and bring alignment to my body. I can honestly say I went from constant, almost unbearable pain to being pain-FREE.

When I got pregnant, I feared everything would come back and my body would be a mess. This wasn’t the case, though! Dr. Park was AMAZING at working with me through 2 pregnancies over the last three years, where I delivered 2 healthy babies naturally — he even adjusted me during early labor! I’m convinced that my success in pregnancy and birth was hugely due to my adjustments at FAC.

My two boys were adjusted by Dr. Park within their first 24 hours of life and now receive weekly adjustments at his clinic. They are both incredibly healthy (almost never get sick) and LOVE their adjustments.

Dr. Park is great with kids! And he’s more than a doctor. He deeply cares about his patients and has become a close friend to our family.

We recommend him to everyone we meet!

Thank you Dr. Park! Linzy W.



“A friend referred me to Dr. Parks when my baby was 3-4 weeks old and experiencing frequent reflux. It was difficult for him to sleep and was he in constant discomfort. We saw immediate results after the first visit. Dr. Parks was very clear in explaining how he can be helpful. He was careful, gentle, and compassionate. He genuinely cared for my baby’s well being. His skills and knowledge in helping my baby gave me great security as a first time mom. I wish we could continue to see Dr. Parks, but as I will be returning to work and driving from Livermore to Santa Clara is quite challenging. It has been 2 weeks since we last saw Dr. Parks, and I am very happy to share that my baby is thriving and have not had any signs of discomfort. I’m a believer in chiropractic care and hopefully we can find some just as good as Dr. Parks in Livermore.

Van N



“I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12 years old. No one ever told me that scoliosis gets worse over time. I saw Dr. Park because I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and I wanted to see if chiropractic care would help me. I had subluxation and I didn’t even know it. I guess it answered all of my questions about why I felt so fatigued. I felt like an old lady. Since seeing Dr. Park I feel like I’m 17 again.

My son’s attention span has been lower than his peers since he was two years old. Since he’s been under Dr. Park’s care, his attention span has improved dramatically, as well as his speech.

I highly recommend Family Advantage Chiropractic.

Maureen T



 ” We first found Dr. Park through a referral after months of meeting other medical professionals regarding our son’s sleep problems. From birth our son did not sleep longer than 2 hour stretches and by month 7 we were convinced something was not right. As a mother, my instincts told me that something was wrong, but every medical professional (pediatrician, neurologist, sleep specialist) either said nothing was wrong or that I just needed to sleep train him and “be tougher” on him (for any parent who has a child who does not sleep well this is literally the most infuriating advice, if I made the effort to see a doctor, don’t you think I’ve tried everything obvious already??). Despite the lack of helpfulness from the medical community, I continued my search which led me to Dr. Park. During our first meeting, Dr. Park was able to offer a real explanation as to why my son was having such difficulty staying asleep. It turns out there were some misalignments at the top of his spine that were preventing his nervous system from being able to transition easily between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system functions. As a result my sons behavior, movement, and restlessness were all a result of him not being able to get out of “fight or flight” mode. We began seeing Dr. Park several times a week at first and then less as time went on. He was very reassuring about the care he took with a baby. The adjustments were very gentle and done carefully and gradually. Although this was not the “miracle cure” (as in instantly sleeping for 12 hour stretches) within a short period of time I noticed huge improvement in my son’s overall calmness, agitation, and in time, we saw longer stretches of sleep! We later discovered some of his sleep problems were diet related which was the final missing link. Overall, I would highly recommend Family Advantage Chiropractic and the philosophy of care that Dr. Park uses.

Sarah L



” My now 10-year-old grandson has been seeing Dr. Park for 17 months now. We have seen consistent progress in healing his crooked spine, but most importantly, he loves to see Dr. Park and doesn’t mind the appointments at all. My grandson’s asthma has almost disappeared completely and his sinus issues are also much improved. We like Dr. Park not only for his knowledge and compassion for his craft, but also because of his professionalism. We are so happy with Family Advantage Chiropractic that after we moved to Gilroy from Sunnyvale this past summer we continue to drive to Santa Clara once a week for treatments by Dr. Park.  ”

Christine S



“Parents go here if you want to sleep… Our twin boys were born 2 months premature with reflux issues, we saw immediate results from the first session. Our babies were able to sleep better and would tell any parent that this works and is well worth it!
Personally I have been working with Dr. Park for several years with my active lifestyle, regular adjustments and soft tissue work has been paramount in injury prevention and rehab. He understands an active lifestyle and how to implement recovery protocols.

Dalbir & Courtney A